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Family Kresic milling tradition since 1929. 


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The beginning of this story goes back to 1929. In this year Mr. Vide Krešić purchased the old water mill in the village of Struge, set on the rapids of the river Trebižat.

Ever since, the company of Mlini d.o.o. has been constantly in business, passing down throughout the family Krešić a long history of flour milling.
The village of Struge was the center of mill industry and the place of the exchange of peasant goods from the entire valley.

The rapids of the river Trebižat have been a great source of energy that was used for running the millstones. Unfortunately, over the years, millstones stopped milling, so that today we have only two millstones active in the property of our family.

The longterm tradition of family business has been constantly enriched by new technology and achievements. As business grew, in 1991 Mlini d.o.o. opened their first private bakery in Čapljina.  Just four years after these activities they were enriched by investment in the sector for dried pasta.

In 2008 a young team took over the initiative of leadership of the company that resulted in more modern work methods, especially in production and application of cutting edge technology.

Mision & Vision


Through manufacture and trade, our mission is to offer each buyer the best value for their money, utilizing top quality service and customer purchase pleasure with a carefully chosen assortment  of quality products.



We strive to become a modern, efficient and innovative company that will be a measure of quality control as well as professional in all segments of business; first choice to the customers when it comes to shopping, desirable employer to the employees, reliable partner to business potentials and a socially responsible company.





Početak ove priče seže do davne 1929. Te godine Vide Krešić kupio je  staru vodenice u selu Struge na brzacima Trebižata. 

Od tada pa sve do danas poduzeće neprekidno posluje te obitelj Krešić generacijama prenosi dugu tradiciju mlinarstva.

U povijesti selo Struge je bilo središte mlinarske industrije i mjesto razmjene seljačkih dobara iz cijele doline.

Brzatci Trebižata predstavljali su izvrstan izvor energije koja se mogla rabiti za pokretanje mlinskih kola.

Posao je rastao te je tako 1991. godine otvorena prva privatna pekara u Čapljini, a prije 19 godina djelatnost se proširila i investicijom u pogon za izradu sušene tjestenine.

U 2008. godini mladi tim preuzima inicijativu u vodstvu kompanije rezultirajući još modernijim načinima rada, posebice proizvodnih metoda i primjenu najnovijih tehnologija. 

Obitelj Krešić

Mlini Ltd. Today

Our business system today is broader than ever before. Opportunities have determined the direction of development and have positioned the bakery as the backbone of today’s business. Moreover, they have imposed quite a complex business system: combining manufactory, retail and wholesale trade of our products as well as commodities for broader consumption.

As an organization that is mainly focused on food production, we are at a place in which our employees require numerous professional skills.
Today it is not easy to be an entrepreneur, especially in the area of production.
There are many questions that require attention: manufacturing technology, organization of work, human resources management, supply, sale and finances.

Small innovations are in most cases supported by the component of tradition that identifies our products.

We believe and invest in young people who are willing to gain new experiences and knowledge.

Our team is made up of ambitious and diligent people, capable and motivated to achieve higher goals.




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    šunka sir

    1.00 KM
  • Muffin

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    2.50 KM
  • Kukuruzni

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  • Sendvič

    3.50 KM
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    1.50 KM

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